Technical Specifications

Supplied by artist
• Wireless headphones
• Webcam (for video tracking of trackpad)
• Swivel stool & trackpad
• Interactive program built using Processing & XML, with content consisting of mp4 video files.

Requested from Host
• A darkened space, minimum 4.5m x 4.5m (see height issues with projector)
• Raised wooden platform 3.3metres x 3.3 metres - as the projection/area (this is required to affix the stool which must be secured to allow for turning and avoid tipping. Not required if it is not possible to drill directly into the floor).
• Computer Mac Pro or Macbook Pro with dedicated video card 1Gg video ram
• Video Projector - this will depend on the height from which it can be rigged. The projection needs to be directly down onto the floor with no distortion. The size of the projection needs to be minimum 4 metres x 3 metres in (4:3 ratio) (creating a circle radius of minimum 3 metres). This has been achieved in the past with a Panasonic PT-D3500E with a wide angel lens and mirror mount system.

A space configuration diagram can be accessed here: