Artist interviews

Sounding the Future will gather together an archive of interviews with leading innovative artists, writers and theorists discussing both their own areas of interest and ideas around what the art of the future might sound like.

The first iteration features interviews with:

Guy Ben-Ary (AU)
Guy Ben-Ary is an artist pecializes in microscopy, biological & digital imaging, tissue engineering. His Main research areas are cybernetics, robotics and the interface of biological material to robotics. Much of Ben-Ary’s work is inspired by science and nature. His artworks utilize motion and growth to investigate technological aspects of today’s culture and the re-use of biological materials and technologies.

Peter Blamey (AU)
Peter Blamey's work explores themes of sound and energy, and the reimagining of technology through questioning accepted notions of connectivity, variability and use. His practice is typically grass roots, establishing interactions between disparate everyday technologies in order to produce performances, artworks and installations that investigate the relationships between people, technologies and their environments.

Michaela Davies (AU)
Michaela Davies is a cross-disciplinary artist working with sound, performance, installation and video. Michaela’s creative practice is informed by an interest in the role of psychological and physical agency in creative processes and performance. Using Electronic Muscle Stimulaiton she is investigating and how obstruction can change the trajectory of individual development and creative outcomes both in and beyond the context of musical performance.

Robin Fox (AU)
Audiovisual artist working across live performance, exhibitions, public art projects and designs for contemporary dance. His laser works which synchronize sound and visual electricity in hyper-amplified 3D space have been performed in over 50 cities worldwide. Public art projects include designing and building a Giant Theremin for the City of Melbourne, a seven metre tall interactive musical sculpture; the White Beam project commissioned by Dark Mofo.

Jasmine Guffond (AU/DE)
Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist and composer from Sydney, Australia, living and working in Berlin, Germany. She is interested in providing a presence for phenomena that usually lies beyond human perception, via the sonification of facial recognition algorithms or intangible global infrastructures, she questions what it means for our activities to be tracable, and for our identities, choices and personalities to be reduced to streams of data. She has performed live internationally, exhibited sound installations and released music through Sigma Editions, Staubgold and Monika Enterprise labels and Sonic Pieces.

Cat Hope (AU)
Cat Hope has an interdisciplinary that crosses over into film, video, performance and installation. Cat is a classically trained flautist, vocalist, improviser, experimental bassist and composer. She is an active researcher in the area of music archiving, digital art, graphic scores and electronic music performance. She has founded a number of groups, most recently Decibel new music ensemble, noise improv duo Candied Limbs and the Abe Sada bass project.

George Poonkhin Khut (AU)
George Khut is an artist, academic and interaction-designer working across the fields of electronic art, design and health, at UNSW Australia, Art & Design. For the past 12 years he has been working with biofeedback technologies, creating intimate, body-focussed interactive artworks experiences, that re-frame our experiences of embodiment and presence.

Pia van Gelder (AU)
Pia van Gelder is an electronic artist, curator and teacher. Van Gelder develops performances and installations by working with media machines, both custom built heirloom technologies like the audio-video modular synthesizer, and common electronic devices which are hacked and opened up to perform in ways that negate their use or assumed design.

With additional commentary by:

Peter Hollo (AU) (AKA raven)
musician, composer, science fiction connoisseur

Matt Cornell (AU)
Choreographer, Composer, Dancer

Hamish Innes-Brown (AU)
Early-Career Research Fellow at the Bionics Institute

Mamoru (JP)
Text and sound, both real & imagined 

Jin Sangtae (SK)
Musician working with the sound of discarded hard drives curator of dotolim

Thanks also to Choi Joonyong & Hong Chulki